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John D. Anderson Jr., "Computational Fluid Dynamics", McGraw-Hill, Inc.
H. Feiz, L. Glatt, M. Emerick, and S. Kovacic., "CFD Applications to Launch Vehicles with Reverse Flow Plumes", 46th AIAAAerospace Sciences Meeting and Exhibit, 7-10 January 2008, Reno, Nevada.
L. A. Cassel, T. P. Shivananda, H. Feiz, S. Kovacic, and R. Douglas, "Reverse Flow Plume Interference Wind Tunnel Testing - For CEV Launch Abort System (LAS)," AIAA-2008-0347.
Karen A. Deere, S. Paul Pao, and Khaled S. Abdol-Hamid., "Computational Analysis of Ares I Roll Control System Jet Interaction Effects on Rolling Moment", AIAA-2011-172.
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International Journal of Aerospace Innovations

International Journal of Aerospace Innovations

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