Interrelationships Among Mediating Processes, Values, and Behavior

David L. Groves

DOI: 10.2190/DCE5-3JQ4-672A-QCKP


Little is known about behavior and the processes that interact to influence it. With the increasing number of individuals who are visiting public forested land, ways and means should be found to understand the relationships among the interacting variables and behavior so that those who develop and administer these lands can do so more effectively. This study was undertaken to examine the relationships among the interacting variables and behavior as it relates to a public forested recreation area. The results from this study indicate that there are relationships. There are consistent and inconsistent patterns and the difference between these is a balance among interacting variables and behavior. The patterns that are consistent represent variables that are in balance. Inconsistent patterns represent variables that are out of balance and the limiting factor is usually the element related to behavior.

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