Effects of Educational and Feedback Interventions on Recycling Knowledge, Attitudes, Beliefs, and Behaviors

Linda M. Goldenhar
Cathleen M. Connell

DOI: 10.2190/0HC1-UGML-97N6-UPFE


The relative effects of education and feedback strategies on knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors regarding waste recycling were studied. Baseline and follow-up data were gathered from 1,619 university students. Using a quasi-experimental design, eight dormitories were randomly assigned to one of four experimental groups. No statistically significant group differences were discovered in terms of students' attitudes or beliefs about recycling, however, the feedback groups reported higher levels of recycling behavior than did the education or control groups (F = 12.8 (1, 3,325), p < .001). Implications for designing and evaluating intervention programs aimed at increasing waste recycling behavior are discussed.

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