Regional Interindustry-Environmental Multipliers based on the 1972 National Model Format

Thomas R. Harris
Chauncey T. K. Ching

DOI: 10.2190/EGV6-Q2PU-J7HG-AQ1B


Public decision makers are faced with the dilemma of initiating regional economic growth while simultaneously conserving the region's natural resources and environment. In order to derive trade-offs between economic progress and environmental quality, an interindustry-environmental model is used. This study shows the derivation of an interindustry-environmental model based on the 1972 national input-output model format. Also the procedures to construct a regional interindustry model through the non-survey technique of location quotients are presented. From the regional interindustry model, an interindustry-environmental model of northcentral Nevada was developed to show the effects on regional water use and particulate emissions from the expansion of a particular commodity sector in the region. Interpretations of results from the interindustry-environmental model which are of interest to public policy makers are discussed.

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