Stem Cells from Differentiated Cells

  1. Panagiotis A. Tsonis
  1. Department of Biology, 300 College Park, University of Dayton Dayton, OH 45469–2320


A recent study by Chen et al. characterizes the small molecule reversine, a substituted purine analog, as a signal for the dedifferentiation of myotubes (formed from a myoblastic cell line) back into progenitor cells that can then differentiate, under appropriate conditions, into osteoblasts or adipocytes. The authors speculate that the process may involve protein kinases and that further work will identify the spe-cific kinase or other molecules to which reversine binds. This work is of extraordinary interest and may have landmark importance to regeneration research (i.e., reforming nerves, limbs, and organs) and clinical medicine.

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